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More than 9,600 births at The Royal Hospital in 2018

More than 9,600 births at The Royal Hospital in 2018

Statistics also showed that the outpatient clinics of gynaecology and obstetrics at The Royal Hospital, which numbered 21, received 28,831 sufferers in the course of 2018, whilst the quantity of admitted instances in the Gynaecology &amp Obstetrics Department reached 23,071.

The Gynaecology &amp Obstetrics Department has 146 beds and is divided into 4 sections the admission section with a capacity of 112 beds, the 20-bed gynaecology section, a six-bed emergency unit, crucial care section with eight beds along with the outpatient clinics specialised in gynaecology and obstetrics.

The quantity of outpatient clinics is 23 specialised clinics such as 13 pregnancy and birth clinics, as effectively as ten gynaecology clinics in numerous specialties. The outpatient clinics in pregnancy and birth field consist of a quantity of clinics, which are the early pregnancy, maternal medicine clinic, higher-threat pregnancy clinic, fetal medicine clinic, gestational diabetes clinic, delayed pregnancy and frequent pregnancy clinic, the pregnant clinic with blood ailments or heart ailments or microbial infections and fetal wellness clinic.

The quantity of surgical or laparoscopic interventions in gynaecology and obstetrics stood at three,645, ranging from complicated, intermediate and minor operations.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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