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Modern management key for HR development, say CEOs

Modern management key for HR development, say CEOs

At a forum titled ‘Human Resources Management of Board of Directors’ that was organised by the Omani Society for Human Resources Management on Sunday as element of the annual Ramadan Forum, executive heads of significant neighborhood institutions known as to boost the high quality of human sources.

Dr Amer al Rawas, founding president of Model Investment Company, spoke on the functions of a CEO in any institution. “The most essential job of the CEO is to preserve great dialogue amongst all the parties.

“It is also essential for his participation in all the choice-creating procedure or the implementation of future plans.

“Importance should be given to human capital and how to utilise the ideas of staff and implement the best ones among them. Staff ideas should be taken seriously from the beginning to their logical end.”

Dr Rawas stated that members of the Board of Directors of any business typically concentrate on the economic aspect, ignoring the value of investing in human resource. “Wealth lies in human resources leading to strong flow of funds and increase in profits.”

Referring to the value of human capital, Dr Rawas stated that throughout the acquisition procedure most international firms are interested in the staff of that business to advantage from their abilities.

Sheikh Aimen al Hosni, CEO of Oman Airports, spoke about the idea of contemporary management. “There is a need for CEOs to delegate the authority instead of the old centralised system.”

He stated that there are committees in Oman Airports for the choice-creating procedure. “These committees are open to all employees – from the primary departments to the higher authorities.”

Eng Abdulrahman al Hatami, chief executive officer, Asyad, stated that the group which has 16 businesses, has clear requirements for all of them operating in the field of logistics.

“Previously, these companies operated as per their own policies and different laws. But now, they operate under one umbrella with unified standards and laws. Even the wording of contracts is clear and balanced. Working under one umbrella has contributed to clear strategy of action in various areas, including human resources.”

Dr Ahmed al Ghassani, CEO of Riyada, explained about the expertise of a bank in India. “Job interviews take a long time and effort. The bank came with the idea of appointing all the applicants for six months and paid them allowance. After six months, they hired the best amongst them while the rest gained considerable work experience. This is one of the new areas for HR development.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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