Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
MoCI urges parents to purchase only toys apt for children’s age

MoCI urges parents to purchase only toys apt for children’s age

Elaborating on the significance of issuing such certificates, MoCI mentioned it issued two,149 certificates. The ministry stated that its certificates are issued in adherence to the Gulf normal regulations for all toys for youngsters up to the age of 14.

The ministry has urged shoppers to acquire only age-proper toys and games for their youngsters. Ignoring this details could place lives of youngsters at danger, MoCI stated.

‘Usually, the appropriate age for each toy is written on the descriptive information data card of the toys. This is certified by the Gulf technical regulations for children’s games quantity: BD131704-01. It is essential as it determines the mandatory security needs.’

The regulations also consist of items that are not intended as toys but appear-alike ones (e.g these created for decorative purposes). These consist of decorations for holidays and festivals, collector’s products like well-liked dolls, showpiece dolls, replicas of weapons, puzzles and developing blocks with much more than 500 pieces. Items like infant lollipops, children’s lighting devices, electric toys, children’s decorative accessories, scooters, fire toys and educational items ought to be employed below the supervision of adults.

The ministry also stated these regulations consist of a quantity of other common security needs maintaining in thoughts physical, mechanical, chemical and flammability danger.

‘Chemicals used in certain toys should comply with the rules. The amount of lead or any other chemical in these toys should not be more than the permissible limit. Similarly, it is not allowed for children’s toys to include any components or substance which create any radioactive rays which are dangerous for youngsters,’ MoCI stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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