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MoCI offers promising investment, economic opportunities in North Batinah governorate

MoCI offers promising investment, economic opportunities in North Batinah governorate

The North Batinah governorate is a single of the most essential places in the sultanate simply because of economic opportunities. The governorate has help solutions for investments in numerous sectors with numerous little, medium and huge capitals.

Ali bin Khalfan al Ghaithi, director common of Commerce and Industry in North Batinah governorate, mentioned that MoCI was creating large efforts to encourage investors, each from inside and outdoors the sultanate.

For the objective, it is utilizing promising investment opportunities in numerous industrial zones of the North Batinah governorate. This, it believes, would revive the economy of the sultanate to maintain pace with the speedy modifications taking spot in the international economy as effectively as overcoming the challenges getting faced by the investors keen to invest in the governorate.

Ghaithi mentioned that the quantity of transactions carried out in the Directorate General of Commerce and Industry in North Batinah governorate in 2018 was a lot more than 102,170, across its numerous departments.

He mentioned that the North Batinah governorate has observed exceptional development in the registration of numerous industrial and industrial activities, via the ‘Invest Easy’ portal. There had been 84,989 transactions, created for numerous varieties of registrations, industrial and industrial licences, via the portal.

He mentioned, “The quantity of industrial transactions carried out final year was 82,527 which is an boost of a lot more than 28 per cent compared with these of the year 2017. This boost is an proof of the development of industrial activity in the governorate and shows keenness of the investors to get advantage of numerous solutions in the governorate which aid in the method of diversification of the economy.

Ghaithi mentioned that the quantity of new and renewed industrial registrations carried out final year was six,008. Of this, a lot more than five,000 had been new industrial registrations. This quantity is clear indication of the boost in industrial activity and shows entry of new foreign investors in industrial and industrial activity.

This is due to the desirable atmosphere for investment in the governorate. The quantity of transactions created for updating information of the industrial registrations reached to 33,794 transactions which integrated numerous varieties of applications and requests.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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