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MoCI collects over 2,475 tonnes of dates

MoCI collects more than two,475 tonnes of dates

It received more than two,475 tonnes of dates in 2018 from 544 suppliers. The ministry began getting dates from December 29, 2018 to February 7 this year. “Date crops suppliers in 2018 stood at 544, compared to 438 in 2017. Dates received for the 2018 season stood at two,475.331 tonnes, compared to two,265.324 tonnes in 2017. The worth of the obtain of the date crops in 2018 reached RO878,450.046 compared to RO769,142.134 in the prior year.

“This is in addition to the subsidy given to the farmers for direct export of dates. It was RO62.5 per tonne.”

The date varieties received incorporated Al Mabsali, Al Madluki and Abu Naranjah. The dates have been received in the ministry’s storage facility in Wadi Kabir.

The collection procedure is ministry’s way of extending assistance to date farmers. The ministry would also aid farmers to export their harvest straight to the foreign markets encouraging them to locate new and option markets for their items.

Ahmad bin Hamad al Harthy, head of Dates’ Department in MoCI, stated, “We have assigned handling, processing, marketing and selling of the dates for this season to Oman Dates Production and Packaging Company.”

He stated that the organization is specialised in the production, collection, storage and manufacturing of dates and its connected things and was preparing to make massive investment throughout the subsequent 5 years.

Harthy stated that organization desires to optimise the use of date items in the sultanate and contribute to the gross domestic solution, by providing income to the shareholders, making use of palm items in various industries.

It also desires to establish partnerships with owners of tiny and medium enterprises and use innovation and analysis to additional the sector’s interests. Harthy added that the organization would sort and categorise the crop from each and every wilayat primarily based on high quality.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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