Monday, 20 Mar 2023
MoAF discusses aspects to boost SMEs, enhance value

MoAF discusses aspects to boost SMEs, enhance value

He met a quantity of officials in the government and private institutions. The meeting comes inside the framework of cooperation with Riyada and other connected parties. The meeting discussed a number of essential aspects of establishing an institutional framework to help little and medium enterprises in the agriculture and fish sector. It also discussed the establishment of a specialised unit for adding nearby value to Riyada.

PDO specialists gave a presentation on the company’s encounter in enhancing added nearby value in the oil and gas sector to maximise nearby investments, escalating nearby purchases of goods and solutions, building little and medium enterprises, participating in recruitment and coaching and improvement of nearby talent. The specialists discussed transferring information to be applied to the meals production sector.

They contain the very best practices to activate the initiative and the establishment of little and medium enterprises in the agricultural and fish sector.

Eng Saleh bin Mohammed al Shanfari, CEO of Oman Foods Investment Holding Company introduced some initiatives that are getting implemented by the organization and recommended the implementation of a specialised programme in boosting nearby value.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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