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Mind the children: Worshippers call for tranquility

Mind the children: Worshippers call for tranquility

This can be really a nuisance and distraction for worshippers in mosques. Many worshippers have complained of such situations particularly in the course of the Taraweeh prayer (particular evening prayer carried out in the course of Ramadan) in the course of which extended portions of the Q’uran are recited.

“Here in Muscat, in many mosques children accompany their parents for prayers. Most are seen talking, laughing and sometimes teasing each other while prayers are in progress,” stated Amour Salim al Tauqi, a worshipper in Amerat.

According to Tauqi, who drives to yet another locality to appear for tranquility in the course of the Taraweeh prayers stated the duty of a child’s behaviour rests entirely with the parents.

“It is good to take children to mosques as only then will they get used to praying with a congregation.”

Abdullah al Farsi, a Ghubra resident, could not agree much more. “Mosques are meant to be for worshipping and need to be maintained that way. There is a want for awareness on the concern in order to get the very best out of Ramadan and Taraweeh prayers. Children need to be taught the guidelines of a mosque.

“It is also the responsibility of the parents to see if their child is old enough to understand the sanctity and order of the place,” he stated.

In Muscat, most mosques do not have any safety employees. “There should be someone to see that the rules are strictly enforced and worshippers are not disturbed. Authorities need to study the matter,” stated Hassan al Naamani, a worshiper from Seeb.

Shaikh Ibrahim Abdulaziz, an imam at a single of the mosques in Muttrah, believes
parents need to teach youngsters the etiquettes of a location of worship.

“Children must be made to understand that a mosque is a place of worship. Awareness is important.”

A mosque is for worship and no a single ought to be permitted to spoil its sanctity. “Our teachings call for calm and tranquility although praying.

“There is a need for proper Islamic education. It is not advisable to take children to a mosque until they attain the age of seven years,” he added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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