Monday, 20 Mar 2023
MECA plans eco-tourism projects in nature reserves

MECA plans eco-tourism projects in nature reserves

The project will not only safeguard the organic habitat and pristine atmosphere of the reserve but also develop the economy with out harming the atmosphere. This implies that nearby wildlife will be capable to thrive and guests can appreciate some unseen destinations, Dr Thuraya Said al Sariri, assistant director common of nature conservation in MECA mentioned.

“We are aiming to have eco-tourism projects in the protected areas or natural reserves in the country. At present we are concentrating on Qurum Nature Reserve and for this ASAAS has been asked to conduct a study. This company is conducting the study of the area to see the suitable projects that can be implemented. The project will be implemented once the study has been approved,” she mentioned.

Dr Thuraya stressed on the significance of preserving the sanctity of the region. “The eco-tourism project should not destroy the area or destroy the main contents of biodiversity, that we aim to protect in Qurum Nature Reserve.”

Since the 1970s till now, Dr Thuraya mentioned that 20 places have been declared protected by Royal Decrees.

Protected places otherwise referred to as nature reserves are locations that might have a special biodiversity, landscaping and atmosphere. “Different countries around the world have started using such protected areas for eco-tourism projects. Eco-tourism is not about building huge hotels. These projects will establish walkways so that people can come and see what’s in the protected areas. Visitors can do birdwatching, kayaking or safari. There can be some eco lodges too,” she mentioned.

Dr Thuraya also mentioned that plans are on to create eco-tourism projects in Al Saleel Wildlife Reserve as nicely. “We have some ideas to develop the place. The Arabian Gazelle and Omani trees are a speciality of this place amongst others.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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