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MECA issues guidelines for visitors to Jebel Qahwan reserve in South Sharqiyah

MECA issues guidelines for visitors to Jebel Qahwan reserve in South Sharqiyah

The selection (No 30/2019) was issued by H E Mohammed bin Salim bin Said al Toobi, Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs.

Article two of the selection has some situations for entry. ‘Hunting or collecting any wildlife antiques or even stones from the reserve is banned. Visitors are allowed to drive vehicles only on roads specified. Cutting or burning of trees in the reserve is prohibited. Discarding waste and using firearms or conventional weapons is also prohibited.’

‘Lighting fire is allowed only after obtaining a permit. Use of any kind of toxin is banned in the reserve,’ the selection stated.

Digging wells or mining of any type is prohibited. It is also not permitted to gather samples for any purpose with out permission.

‘Establishing any new facility or expanding old buildings inside the reserve except by permission is also prohibited. Use of drones except by permission is banned.’

Article three states, ‘Camping is allowed only for a maximum of 50 people in places specified.’ Article five states, ‘Anyone who wants to search for honey must obtain a permit.’ The ministry has identified two seasons: summer season (May and June) and winter (November). ‘The search must be from sunrise to sunset.’

Violators will be fined RO50 but not a lot more than RO200. ‘The fine will be doubled in case of repeat violation.’ Residents in the reserve, their blood relatives and government delegations are exempted from the charge. The selection was issued on July 14.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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