Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Mawaleh market ready for Eid rush: Muscat Municipality

Mawaleh market ready for Eid rush: Muscat Municipality

Companies ready for this festival season early by growing the quantity of shipments to the market. Around 468 trucks unloaded 9,271 tonnes of vegetables and fruits to the market among May 12 and 29.

Shipments had been elevated from various nations such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Yemen, South Africa, Egypt, the Philippines and European nations.

For the initial time, the Central Market for Fruits and Vegetables in Mawaleh is introducing purchasing carts so that shoppers can carry their purchases comfortably to the parking lots. There will be designated bays to park these carts. The market has a lot more than 350 parking spaces.

The municipality has invited investors to establish some further industrial service projects to help market activity. The market has also been offered with several required public facilities such as a mosque and toilets.

Market timings The central market has also extended the functioning hours for Eid al Fitr. The new timings will be applicable from Monday (Ramadan 28, 1440 AH) to Tuesday (Ramadan 29, 1440 AH). The market will operate from four.30am till 11pm on these days. It will be closed throughout the initial two days of Eid, and shall resume perform on the third day.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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