Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
Massive change in aviation sector in the offing

Massive change in aviation sector in the offing

Muscat – 

Oman Aviation Group (OAG) on Monday launched the ‘Sahab’ programme bringing collectively the minds, hearts and knowledge of employees from across its organizations, to re-envision the future of aviation in Oman and set new requirements of excellence in the guest encounter. The programme will start on October six and final for 60 days.

During this time, the chosen representatives will unite to type a dynamic believe tank. It will contain initiatives such as a ‘hack the future’ week facilitated by globe-top entrepreneurs, and workshops with international specialists to push the boundaries of operational and industrial excellence.

A crucial theme of Sahab will be revolutionary technologies, and how the group will leverage this to develop new digital experiences for guests, clients and partners in the future.

Mustafa al Hinai, CEO of OAG, stated, “We are many companies, but one group. Our role is to solve the problems of our sector as one, ensuring there are no gaps, no missed opportunities. The Sahab programme will act as a launchpad for the big ideas that will drive massive change in the aviation sector in Oman.”

The special and revolutionary Sahab programme is only achievable via OAG’s integrated worth chain of aviation organizations. Together, as a single team, with a single voice and a single objective, OAG connects Oman’s economy to the globe. The Sahab programme additional strengthens this single-minded mission.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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