Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Mall of Muscat sees over 400,000 visitors during Eid

Mall of Muscat sees over 400,000 visitors during Eid

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Abdullah al Jarwani, member, board of directors, Mall of Muscat, stated, “Mall of Muscat received more than 400,000 visitors from different nationalities during the Eid holidays. We are proud of this achievement because we attracted a lot of residents, citizens and tourists to the mall.”

He stated the quantity of citizens and residents who travelled to some of the neighbouring nations to devote Eid vacation this time was much less than in earlier years. “We have put in a lot of effort and spent money for our visitors who bring good economic returns to the country.”

Talking about the mall he stated, “Many shops have been opened and the Snow Village will open by the end of this year. We seek to offer many entertainment programmes to attract thousands of tourists, citizens and residents.”

He added, “Many people came to enjoy shopping and the aquarium. We have the largest aquarium in the Middle East. The aquarium contains 3mn litres of water, 50 plus exhibits and over 30,000 animals. We have a good number of beautiful fish, sharks, rays, octopus, etc.” About the material employed in the aquarium, he stated, “In total we have installed 92 acrylic panels which amount to a total weight of 81 tonnes.”

The aquarium is also collaborating with educational institutions and studying coral relocation and development prices of a quantity of Omani coral species.

“It is also looking at fecundity and breeding behaviours of Amphiprion omanensis, which is a clownfish species. It is specific to Oman and only found in a few areas of Dhofar and Masirah Island,” Jarwani stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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