Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023
Majlis of Media Dialogue to address community issues

Majlis of Media Dialogue to address neighborhood problems

“The meeting is an extension of the traditional Majlis (sibla), where members of the community with responsibility and opinions meet to discuss a lot of ideas and draw aspirations,” H E Dr Hasani mentioned. He pointed out that the meeting will cover in the coming period different governorates of the sultanate.

“The meeting aims at listening closely to views, proposals, visions, future perspectives, and engaging specialists to contribute their opinions in the fields that concern them, in addition to investigating the most important issues to engage public opinion,” he mentioned.

The aim of the meeting is also to hold consultations and dialogues regarding social problems and listening to proposals and visions of media specialists, intellectuals, writers, thinkers and academics.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Dr Obaid al Shaqsi, secretary common of the Oman Human Rights Commission (OHRC), mentioned awareness is essential on what is going on in the society. “It is essential to have a strategic strategy to assess the function and aim of mass media with out which it would be really challenging for the media to function effectively.

“We also have to benefit from our researches that are already available or else we should initiate our own researches in order to find out what needs to be addressed by the mass media.”

Dr Shaqsi nonetheless mentioned mass media alone can’t raise awareness in the society. It is also the duty of all educational institutions to take element in this. “Families, schools and educational institutions should come together to address community issues.”

On human rights problems in Oman, Dr Shaqsi mentioned, “From what we have observed in the earlier years, most human rights problems are associated to financial and social rights such as job-associated and welfare problems. There is no significant concern concerning human rights violation in Oman.

“Our mandates are clear and welcome complaints to monitor any violations of the rights of people, be it Omanis or non-Omanis. Those who think their rights are being violated, are most welcome to contact us,” he mentioned.

Dr Shaqsi mentioned that their get in touch with centre is obtainable and any person possessing an concern can get in touch with on the toll-totally free quantity and leave a voice message. “A voice messaging system has been set up so that anyone can register their complaint in the language of their choice because not everyone can speak good Arabic or English,” Dr Shaqsi mentioned.

Dr Khalfan al Fahdi, director common of social improvement at South and North Sharqiyah directorate, Ministry of Social Development, mentioned, “Parents should give confidence to their children to express their views because dialogue is very important in creating a healthy psychological and social environment for both children and parents.”

He added, “Technology is a very important topic. Parents should monitor their children. Unfortunately, technology creates isolation. Our children are living in isolation due to technological devices. So parents should take on the responsibility to encourage interaction with children and minimise isolation.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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