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M91 production up by 34% in Feb 2019: NCSI

M91 production up by 34% in Feb 2019: NCSI

The output of super grade petrol (M95) reached two.01mn barrels till the finish of February, according to information released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI). The surge in production of normal grade petrol more than super grade petrol was supported by a substantial development in demand.

Diesel output fell by six per cent to four.50mn barrels, whilst aviation fuel production jumped by 37 per cent to two.67mn barrels at the finish of February, more than the exact same period of 2018.

Production of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) rose by 27 per cent to 1.35mn barrels throughout the period below assessment.

Of the total production of M91 grade petrol (which is the least expensive petrol accessible in the industry), 1.77mn barrels have been sold in the domestic industry.

However, domestic sales of M95 grade petrol rose by 23 per cent to attain 1.99mn barrels, whilst sale of diesel inside the nation was at two.49mn barrels throughout the two-month period of 2019. Domestic sales of aviation fuel oil fell by six per cent to attain at 784,000 barrels, whilst LPG sales inside the nation fell by 5 per cent to 445,000 barrels in February 2019.

As far as petrochemicals are concerned, production of polypropylene by Orpic in February 2019 elevated by 14 per cent to 49,000 tonnes, whilst output of paraxylene and benzene also rose by 35 per cent and 23 per cent to 106,000 tonnes and 32,000 tonnes, respectively.

Further, Omani refineries exported 33,000 tonnes of benzene in the very first two months of 2019, whilst exports of paraxylene and polypropylene stood at 102,000 tonnes and 48,000 tonnes, respectively.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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