Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023
Low pressure from Monday, may bring sporadic rains

Low stress from Monday, might bring sporadic rains

Muscat – 

Oman will be impacted by a low stress method for 3 days, starting Monday, resulting in sporadic rains in northern components of Oman, the Directorate General of Meteorology stated on Sunday.

“It is likely that the atmosphere of the Sultanate will be affected by low pressure system during the next three days. There are opportunities of sporadic rains on the northern governorates, with chances of thunderstorm on the Hajar mountain range,” Met Oman stated.

“The seas will be rough on the coast of Musandam and the Sea of Oman, reaching a maximum height of three meters during the low pressure impact. People are advised to be careful,” the division added.

With low level cloud formation and occasional rain, the temperature is also set to dip in numerous components. Jabal Shams at 3°C and Saiq at six.5° recorded the lowest temperature on Sunday.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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