Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Lobster fishing season from Friday

Lobster fishing season from Friday

MoAF requested standard fishermen to comply with the permitted fishing strategies in the waters of the sultanate, throughout the season in March and April, and to stay away from fishing egg-laden lobsters, as effectively as lobsters that are significantly less than 8cm.

An official in the ministry stated, “We have ready all the guidance, awareness, regulatory, analysis and statistical efforts.

“We intensified inspections during the season for the application of the Maritime Fishing Law and its executive regulations in cooperation with the fishermen in the governorates.” Lobster is an crucial marine resource due to its higher worth and growing demand in neighborhood and international markets.

“We have conducted several awareness campaigns, lectures and programmes for artisanal fishermen to educate them on the laws and regulations and ways to preserve this natural resource,” an official in the ministry stated.

The ministry calls all fishermen, organizations and folks to register their lobster catch throughout the fishing season.

No person or an organisation is permitted to trade in or export lobster right after the finish of the season unless registered with the ministry.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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