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‘Leave the engine on at your own risk’

‘Leave the engine on at your own risk’

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When it is hot outdoors, acquiring inside a car that is cool appears heavenly, but leaving you automobile idle when going out for a fast errand could be an open invitation for automobile thieves, says ROP.  Besides, engine idling is also damaging for the atmosphere and can even pose a fire danger at fuel service stations. 

Urging individuals to be cautious, the ROP has mentioned that drivers must turn off idling engines as a security measure even if it is for a minute. “Do not leave your engine running, even if you are stepping out to run an errand. Drivers should be careful as car thieves can take advantage of the situation,” mentioned an ROP official.

Road security professional and a member of the Oman Road Safety Association, Eng Ali al Barwani, told Muscat Daily that some drivers have the habit of maintaining the engine on when the automobile is parked at service stations or outdoors coffee shops or grocery markets.

“You may think that grabbing a drink may only take a minute or two. But what people fail to understand is that this window is enough for lifters. It is always safe to switch the engine off, go get whatever you want and then continue the journey,” he mentioned.

Many would argue in favour saying leaving the engine on keeps the car cool, but Eng Barwani differs. “What is more important safety or comfort? It is important to keep your car secure. Never leave your vehicle unattended if the engine is on.”

Besides the danger of losing your automobile there are numerous other causes why idling can’t be justified. “Many people leave their engines idling when they leave their children behind in the car. There are many cases to prove the consequences of such acts. Anything can happen to the parents while they are away and the kid is left exposed to all sorts of risks,” mentioned Eng Barwani.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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