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Learning maths, the fun way

Learning maths, the fun way

The business also got award for the ‘Best Innovative Product’ in Injaz Oman’s contest this year. Eleven students of the Higher College of Technology (HCT) in Al Khuwayr are component of the business.


Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Ahmed Yousef al Farai, 21, CEO of Onu Education Company, stated, “These are fun games that aid youngsters resolve issues in mathematics.

“The idea of the project came during my participation in a competition of the Ministry of Education in 2011. We started work on the project about six months ago by participating in the Injaz Oman competition.”
Farai stated that the team registered the intellectual house rights of the project with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 2017.
“The 11 members are from different departments in HCT. We faced many challenges before we embarked on the project. The first was to determine the type of game and where to manufacture or print the products. There was also this challenge to raise capital for the project.”
He stated that several students locate it tough to realize or memorise mathematical puzzles. “For example, memorising tables, multiplication, addition or  subtraction will be easier through these Arabic or English puzzles.”
On future plans, he stated, “We need capital to start mass production of the product. We want this project to solve students’ problems and help them achieve big in life.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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