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Khasab port sees over 134,000 visitors, 63 cruise ships in 2018-19

Khasab port sees over 134,000 visitors, 63 cruise ships in 2018-19

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Raed bin Mohammed al Shehhi, member of the Board of Directors of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and head of its Musandam branch, stated, “Khasab port is one of the most important stations for cruise ships. The Port of Khasab received 134,404 tourists during the winter season 2018-19 with 63 cruise ships. We expect more than 70 cruise ships to visit the Khasab port in the winter tourist season 2019-20.”

Shehhi stated, “The first cruise ship will visit the port on October 26, 2019 and the last ship this season will arrive on April 16, 2020. Last year’s initiative was a successful one and we cooperated with several authorities such as Khasab Port Administration, ROP, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Manpower, Khasab Municipality and others to organise the work of the port.”

He added, “Cooperation with these bodies helped deal with different elements such as illegal trade and unlicensed labour in the tourism sector.

“The initiative guarantees all tourism businesses affiliated to the branch of Musandam Chamber supply uniform rates. These measures have contributed to enhancing the capacity of all these businesses to improve their revenues, which assist them to attain economic sustainability and boost the top quality of solutions.

“The initiative also offers ten free kiosks to Omani vendors who can sell their home products, crafts and souvenirs.”

On the future methods, Shehhi stated that Marafi is creating excellent efforts to industry Khasab port across the globe.

“For the initial time in the history of Khasab port, in the summer time season ships are coming from the Indian subcontinent this year. Infrastructure perform is at present beneath way on the preparation of the common strategy for the improvement of the port. A particular pier will be added for the reception of trans-continental cruise ships.

“It has also been demanded to add floating docks with a separate entrance beside the new tourist pier to be allocated to the tour groups that make tourist trips.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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