Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Keep city clean, use garbage bins responsibly: Be’ah

Keep city clean, use garbage bins responsibly: Be’ah

Residents as nicely as officials are urging folks to act responsibly and preserve the city clean. Omaima al Swaisi, social outreach and neighborhood engagement officer, Oman Environmental Service Holding Company (Be’ah) told Muscat Daily, “People need to be responsible towards the environment. The habit of throwing garbage outside the bins should be stopped. “We started ‘Oman Tistahil’ campaign to educate public on the ill-effects of littering. “Be’ah, that has been granted the mandate and the legal status as the entity responsible for solid waste management in Oman, has conducted campaigns to spread environmental awareness on indiscriminate littering in tourist places, and to eliminate the use of plastic.”

The campaign is adding to Oman Tasteel’s campaign launched earlier this year in Musandam, North and South Batinah, Buraimi, interiors and now in Salalah.

Omaima mentioned that such awareness campaigns will aid tackle the menace. “By such initiatives we are looking forward to create social awareness among visitors along with residents to help us get our message across,” she mentioned.

Jumaa al Shikeli, a concerned Amerat resident, mentioned, “I have come across several garbage bins with trash about and not inside them.

“People are so lazy and do not really feel for either the atmosphere or the workers who are supposed to come and choose up trash. I believe there must be a mechanism to catch and punish such folks.

“Our cities need to be kept clean and the government is spending a lot of money just to collect and process waste.”

Another concern of concern is leaving garbage lids open. Open garbage bins are an open invitation to stray animals.

Shamsa al Musallami, a Muscat resident mentioned, “We are thankful to Be’ah which has supplied new garbage bins but there are some irresponsible folks who misuse them.

“The issue of waste should concern us all and awareness needs to be spread among the public. We need to act more responsibly.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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