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It’s world charity day: Keep the giving spirit alive

It’s world charity day: Keep the giving spirit alive

As world celebrates UN International Day of Charity on September five, Muscat Daily spoke to a quantity of individuals to locate out what possibly could be the trigger for the drop in donations. The hard monetary climate in the area might be taking a toll on the giving energy of the public. Dr Shamsa al Harthy, basic manager of Dar al Atta’a, mentioned, “There is a drop in our donations by almost 25 per cent in the last few months. The primary reason is because of the economic situation in the region.”

Dr Shamsa mentioned the lower in donations could also be due to several new organisations coming up in the field. “A number of charitable organisations have come up in the last few years and hence the money is getting divided. Earlier, it was only Dar al Atta’a. It is good that many others are also working in the field. We have been conducting campaigns regularly. Our RO1 campaign that started some time back is still there.”

Individual donation at mosques also has decreased in the final handful of months. A caretaker of a mosque in Ruwi, mentioned, “We used to collect between RO100 and RO125 every day in the mosque and during Ramadan it used to go up to RO300. For the last few months, collections range between RO50 and RO75 on Fridays.”

Nadir Azri, acting CEO of Oman Cancer Association, mentioned, “We have always maintained a strong commitment to the cause we champion. There has been a drop in donation in the last few years but that is insignificant. Our partners are always supportive because they believe in our cause.”

The sultanate’s 1-quit donations portal, which serves 27 charitable organisations, has raised RO831,151 this year. The portal raised a record sum of RO428,621 this Ramadan.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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