Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
ITA organises cybersecurity readiness drill for OIC nations

ITA organises cybersecurity readiness drill for OIC nations

Held beneath the theme, ‘Intelligence of malware’, the drill was held at the authority’s headquarters in Knowledge Oasis Muscat. It was attended by 14 nations: Sultanate of Brunei, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tunisia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, India, Mauritius, Rwanda, and Bangladesh.

The drill, organised by ITA for the second year, aims to improve the readiness and preparedness to deal with numerous electronic threats and the very best methods to deal with safety incidents that can have an effect on organisations of the OIC member states. It also seeks to qualify human sources in the national CERT in managing emergencies and dealing with safety dangers. The drill also carried out simulation for cross-border cooperation in mitigating cybersecurity incidents.

This year’s drill comes in line with the newest developments of malware and the evolution of its intelligence and threats related with it. A quantity of scenarios have been implemented to simulate the procedure of penetration of systems programming businesses as the malicious software program targets industrial handle systems developers and gets the systems’ code. These softwares target organisations and people via embedding malicious software program inside the code of industrial handle systems.

Oman National CERT was elected in 2013 as Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Centers for Cybersecurity and Information Security of the OIC in recognition of the efforts and contributions of the centre as a member of the steering committee.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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