Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
ITA introduces government compliance programme

ITA introduces government compliance programme

The workshop was organised to introduce numerous programmes and activities to IT managers, internal audit managers and details safety specialists in numerous government entities.

Rasha bint Saud al Abdali, acting director, Compliance Department at ITA, began the workshop with an overview of the governance and compliance division in ITA as the division accountable for issuing policies, requirements, frameworks and recommendations connected to details technologies, as nicely as building the government compliance programme.

Introducing the government compliance programme, Mohammed bin Salim al Araimi, compliance specialist at ITA, mentioned, “This programme aims to ensure that government entities comply with the circulars and policies issued by ITA in the field of information technology and its various areas through self-assessment and field audit activities. It also aims at supporting eTransformation in the government entities, as well as regulating the IT sector through the development of policies, frameworks and legislation governing this sector in the sultanate.”

Araimi added, “There are a number of activities that fall under the government commitment programme, including self-assessment and awareness workshops and field audits.”

Rasha also spoke about the self-assessment phase, in which government entities evaluate their compliance with policies and requirements issued by ITA. “It also prepares government entities for the field audit phase.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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