Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
ISWK says no going back on fee increase

ISWK says no going back on fee increase

Dr D N Rao, principal, ISWK mentioned, “We met the parents and have justified our reasons for the hike. The management has decided not to retract from the revised fee structure.”

Parents allege the college has hiked fee in the final two years unjustifiably. “Neither a circular informing parents of the hike was issued nor a meeting was arranged with the school principal or Board of Directors. For instance, in April 2017, there was an RO12 increase. In April 2018, there was another RO12 hike. This year, there will be a hike of RO34.”

Parents of a lot more than 500 students of ISWK gathered to meet the principal and management authorities on Saturday to go over the achievable causes and options to the fee hike but the meeting ended in a stalemate, the parents alleged. Earlier final week, the parents had submitted a petition to the principal complaining about the hike.

A parent commented, “The school has a bad habit of always increasing fee every year unlike other schools. This is harsh on us and unacceptable. We shall not bow down to this unfair demand every time. We came early morning to speak to him as he had assured us but he never met us. The school authorities are not even open for any discussion with us.”

Another parent of two kids studying in the college mentioned, “I am struggling with my salary for the last three months and at such times the school is randomly increasing the fee. In the name of infrastructure nothing much has been done in the last few years. The market conditions are not good and many expatriates are leaving for good. We are being forced to bear additional costs.”

The Board of Directors of Indian schools in Oman will meet parents on Sunday to go over the matter.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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