Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
ISM alumni to bat for students’ scholarship programme

ISM alumni to bat for students’ scholarship programme

The charity tournament, will function a series of friendly cricket matches among 4 teams of ISM Alumni – ISMA Challengers, ISMA Spartans, ISMA Titans and ISMA Warriors. It is anticipated to unite and involve ISM alumni from Oman and abroad to cheer and help their favourite teams.

In 2018, ISMA hosted 3 sporting events and the proceeds from all these resulted in the awarding of tuition-charge scholarships to 16 ISM students from low-revenue households. The academic scholarship awardees have been chosen making use of criteria that gave preference to students with a single parent with extremely low or no revenue.

ISMA boasts a network of more than 40,000 alumni across the globe, with a number of hundred becoming added each and every year. This occasion will bring with each other alumni and their households. Mukund Manohar, president of ISMA, stated, “As alumni, we all have a duty and responsibility to give back to the school community. When we started discussing different ideas on how we can best serve our school, our team unanimously agreed that helping educate those who are deserving was our top priority.”

He added, “Sporting events always bring people together, and hosting events like the cricket tournament brings alumni from various batches and backgrounds together and also helps raise awareness for a worthy cause. Our alumni are very excited and very supportive as they get to play a game they love and also give back to their Alma Mater!”

The players for the 4 teams have been chosen in an auction method held in early March at Indian School Muscat.

Chethan Mallya from the ISMA executive committee, stated, “We conducted an innovative auction process, similar to the IPL in India. Purse points were assigned to each captain and players were assigned points based on their playing history, skill levels, and experience. The auction brought alumni together who have graduated from ISM in the past 27 years and created new relationships and renewed old ones.”

The tournament is an open occasion with totally free entry for all.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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