Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
Initiative launched to support enterprises and projects of Omani students abroad

Initiative launched to assistance enterprises and projects of Omani students abroad

The initiative is component of the social duty of Oman Vision 2040 Conference. The service will allow overseas students to turn their suggestions into pilot projects by getting a industrial register from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry by means of the Invest Easy portal and then join the virtual incubation service offered by Riyada incubators and the National Business Centre (NBC).

The Riyada incubators and the NBC will supply virtual hosting solutions, specifically pre-incubation service by means of which they can acquire several positive aspects and facilities, such as the evaluation of pioneering suggestions, instruction solutions, counselling and guidance to acquire financing possibilities from relevant parties and participate in events and activities organised by Riyada and NBC.

The virtual incubation service will also open the door for several students to begin enrolling their personal institutions and projects.

Launching this initiative will give the students’ projects the industrial kind and legal status to allow them to deal with organizations and entities associated to their projects regardless of whether they are in the sultanate or abroad, such as industrial agencies, and access to facilities for the improvement of projects, such as technical, consulting and instruction solutions.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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