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Indian NGO offers helping hand in times of distress

Indian NGO offers helping hand in times of distress

Over the final decade, the organisation has helped repatriate 450 bodies from the Gulf to Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana area. More than 100 dead bodies have been repatriated by the NGO from Oman alone.

EWF arranges ambulances to carry the physique from the airport in Hyderabad to their native village. These involved site visitors and web site accidents, heart attacks and suicide circumstances of folks about 40 years.

M Bheem Reddy, president, EWF spoke to Muscat Daily although he was on a go to to Oman. “Recently we helped transport a body from Oman of a watchman who hanged himself. There are many processes that are involved in transporting a body from a foreign country. It includes paperwork with the state and government and of the foreign country where the death takes place. We help as much as possible,” stated Reddy.

Reddy stated that Telangana has the maximum quantity of migrants to the Gulf and most of the help is undertaken by means of donations and membership charges.

“I have seen several sad stories and decided to help these people who are not aware of the legal aspect. We help them with legal aspect as well as issues related to the country and its rules and regulations. Often when there are matters of non-payment from sponsors we help facilitate agreements or sometimes also provide legal aid. We approach the embassy on their behalf. These workers are ignorant of the documents needed so we act as a mediator for them.”

Reddy was on a go to to Oman and Dubai for a study and place hunt for a documentary film that he and his team plans to shoot following six months. “The film seeks to highlight the plight of emigrants and the challenges. We cannot always blame issues like exploitation. There are issues that are often ignored such as loneliness.”

M Bheem Reddy can be reached at +91-984942262.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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