Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
Increase in random overseas calls on imo app upsets users

Increase in random overseas calls on imo app upsets users

Many clients mentioned they get calls from African nations, such as Solomon Islands and Latin American nations in the course of the wee hours.

Bimol Das, a businessman from Ruwi, mentioned, “I have been making use of imo to contact Bangladesh for a handful of years now and been facing these random calls. If you take the contact there is no response from the other side.

“If I try calling back I get an invitation to check a web link. I have never clicked on such links but a friend told me that when he tried the link his phone got hung.”

Many users mentioned there is no remedy to the issue as the issue persists even if a certain quantity is blocked.

Mohammad Ashraf, a Pakistani national, mentioned, “Calling application imo is a good medium when it comes to making ISD calls as it is quite economical. But random calls by women at odd hours is quite a nuisance. It is strange how they even get my number. Most of these are either missed calls or just blank calls.”

When contacted an imo official mentioned that the application developers respect user privacy. “You may modify privacy settings in explore – more – settings – privacy. To block strangers please open the chat box -tap ‘block’ on the top. For account safety, please do not log into your account through unknown devices, click on malicious links or let out your verification code.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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