Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Identity of E-Census 2020 project launched at Comex

Identity of E-Census 2020 project launched at Comex

The identity of the E-Census 2020 was launched on the opening day of Comex at the Oman Convention &amp Exhibition Centre on Sunday beneath the patronage of H H Sayyid Kamil bin Fahad bin Mahmoud al Said, Assistant Secretary General in the Office of Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers.

The project will supply the national registers with updated information which will serve the sultanate’s sustainable improvement objectives. “The identity of the E-Census 2020 is inspired by the cultural and historical legacy of the sultanate. It is an abstract outline of the form and function of the astrolabe, which was used for navigational purposes. Similarly, outcomes of the census will help identify key areas for improvement. Additionally, it will provide different sectors with the required information to sustain development,” stated H E Ali bin Khalfan al Jabri, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Information and Head of the Communication Committee of the project.

“For example, incorporating the ruler from the astrolabe indicates that the e-census measures the quality of data, by determining its coverage and completeness. Whereas, the other components and colours imply smooth flow of data to and from various sources electronically, ultimately, forming an integrated system.”

Eng Omar al Ismaili, Director General of E-Census Committee, stated, “The executive management team is working in coordination with a number of public and private sector bodies to initiate a campaign, calling residents and institutions to update their data with the relevant authorities. This will complement the efforts of the e-census team in updating the data of the national registers.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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