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Housing complex for students to come up in Rusayl

Housing complex for students to come up in Rusayl

It is positioned on the Muscat Expressway close to Sultan Qaboos University and a quantity of private university colleges in the Knowledge Oasis and nearby locations in the Muscat governorate. It is just 3km away from the Sultan Qaboos University.

Dr Khalid bin Salim al Mata’ani, chairman of BBH Group, mentioned, “Everyone is aware of the importance of having independent housing for university students in a modern style, which provides all the services and facilities they need. In light of the growing number of students, a proper housing unit will bring positive results in terms of academic achievement.”

He added that the thought of establishing the student complex was primarily based on the escalating wants of students and their parents, as the absence of such projects tends to make them confused about acquiring appropriate locations to reside.

“Their stay in apartments in residential neighbourhoods may not make them feel comfortable either. They may also cause difficulties for families living in those neighbourhoods. Hence, the development of the complex will ensure that the students have comfort, safety and all facilities under one roof.”

To be constructed on an location of 54,000sq m, Al Farahidi Complex will have 11 floors and contain 256 residential units supplying 500 rooms, in addition to a industrial centre. It will have all the facilities and solutions the students require which includes restaurants, cafés, a library, in addition to the integrated infrastructure of roads and parking slots which can accommodate 1,000 automobiles. Dr Mata’ani added, “In order for the resident students to enjoy complete comfort, buses will be provided to take them from the complex to the places of study. The units will be offered at competitive prices under the current market situation and prices will range from RO23,000 to RO26,000 depending on the area of each unit. There will be units consisting of two rooms and a hall and another consisting of a room and a hall, along with the complementary service aspects.”

BBH Group is also moving towards tourism projects, which includes a hotel on the beach of Al Ashkharah, containing about 100 chalets with distinct solutions of 3-star category, and a water park in Al Bustan location.

Construction of a conventional 54,000sq m marketplace in Seeb will commence quickly, with an investment expense of RO39mn. It will contain 1,000 shops. The project will also contain a conventional Omani-style hotel simulating ancient Omani architecture, a multi-stage theatre, picnic and other facilities that stimulate industrial activity in the location.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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