Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
Holiday buzz sends airfares, hotel rates soaring

Holiday buzz sends airfares, hotel rates soaring

Travel market on the other hand is prepared to money in with numerous keen to travel abroad.  Many are hoping that it will be a nine-day affair such as the weekends.

According to a handful of travel agency representatives, costs of airline tickets and vacation packages have skyrocketed with some growing by a lot more than 100 per cent.

“With the obvious demand for air tickets, the demand for holiday packages has increased too. Turkey has emerged as the most preferred destination as people are looking for cooler weather. However, ticket rates have gone up even before the holidays have been announced,” Suraj Shroff, vacation manager at Zahara Holidays, told Muscat Daily

He mentioned that these who planned early are fortunate. “Turkey is a lot a lot more in demand specifically with the launch of Salaam Air flights to Trabzon. Even these who are late to join the celebration can appear for destinations like Jordan, Egypt and Kenya. Demand for such destinations has began to choose up.

“This is without forgetting the Dhofar region. The demand is very high and the response to our packages has been very good.”
Apart from Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, Cambodia also tops the list of well-liked vacation destinations with ticket rates going up to 200 per cent. Flavia D’souza, senior outbound vacation consultant at Mezoon International Travel and Tourism, mentioned ticket rates are extremely higher and this is forcing numerous to opt for undiscovered destinations.

“As an example, ticket prices to Georgia have increased from RO150 to RO380. Even though holidays are yet to be announced, people are booking for one full week with high anticipation. Because of higher fares, people are looking for nearby destinations like Dubai and Yas Island in the UAE, and Salalah,” she added.

Some vacation-goers are even opting to drive to destinations like Salalah and Dubai to save on travel expenses. “I wanted to go to Turkey but airfares have gone up. I have a big family, it is worth going to Dubai or Salalah. If we get a week off, we will go to Salalah otherwise will drive to Dubai to enjoy two or three days. I would prefer Salalah because the weather is great there. I hope hotels in Salalah are affordable,” Amour al Tauqi, a father of 4, mentioned.

Vijay Ojha, assistant manager, Al Hashar Tourism and Travel, mentioned that with the demand for Turkey growing, fares have gone higher on this sector. “The launch of Salam Air flights to Trabzon has made things a bit easy but getting seats is an issue. This has increased the demand for staycations like Salalah but hotel rates are exorbitantly high. They have gone up by more than 50 per cent,” he mentioned.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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