Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Heat wave continues, Muqshin records 49.7°C

Heat wave continues, Muqshin records 49.7°C

In addition, the Met workplace in Oman issued an alert relating to flooding in low-lying locations along the coast due to rise in sea tides by up to three.2m on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Met division stated, the highest temperature was recorded on Tuesday in Muqshin at 49.7°C. Fahud at 49.4°C, Qarn al Alam and Zamaim at 49°C, although Jaluni and Haima 48.9°C also sizzled in the heat wave.

Regarding flooding in the low-lying coastal locations, the Met stated, “Sea waves are expected to rise to an average 2m this evening [Wednesday] and tomorrow [Thursday] on the shores of the Sea of Oman due to south-easterly winds. This will coincide with a rise in sea tides by up to 3.2m, which may lead to breaching of sea water into low-lying areas on the coast.”

Taking note, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries known as on all fishermen and seafarers to take precaution and not threat going to the sea throughout this period.

In its forecast for Thursday, Met stated, “Clear to partly cloudy skies are expected along the coastal area of Dhofar governorates and skies will be mainly clear over the rest of the sultanate with chances of convective cloud developments over Al Hajar Mountains. There are chances of dust rising over the open and desert areas of the governorates of Buraimi, Dhahirah, Al Wusta, and Dhofar.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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