Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
H E Alawi calls for UN efforts to ensure stability in region

H E Alawi calls for UN efforts to ensure stability in region

H E Alawi was addressing the 74th
session of the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday.

He stated that the tasks of the United Nations are to address challenges and conflicts, settle disputes, ensure peace and stability by means of self-assurance-developing measures and resolve disputes by means of diplomatic indicates. “Dialogue and negotiations are the most effective means of resolving disputes. The Sultanate of Oman and other countries must make efforts together to support regional and international initiatives to ensure security in the region.”

H E Alawi stated that the sultanate believes that peace is an crucial pillar of stability and sustainable improvement. “Peace in the Middle East has grow to be an urgent matter. The United Nations and the international neighborhood should act to construct regional and international consensus and help efforts to finish instability in the region.

“The Sultanate of Oman is concerned with the circumstance in the Strait of Hormuz. It is 1 of the most crucial straits in the globe and whose corridors fall inside the scope of Oman’s territorial waters.

“We call on all parties to resolve disputes through diplomatic means, thus avoiding any consequences that could have serious repercussions on freedom of navigation, international trade and the world economy. We believe that the countries interested in using the strait should seek peaceful solutions as means of ensuring safety of maritime navigation.”

H E Alawi stated that the war in Yemen and the inability of the conflicting parties to attain an agreement, have led to a tragic humanitarian, financial and social circumstance for the folks. “It requires all of us to redouble the political, diplomatic and humanitarian efforts to help Yemen.”
He stated that the sultanate – due to its geographical proximity and relations rooted historically, socially and culturally – continues to offer humanitarian help to the Yemeni folks.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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