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Gazelle poaching: Several arrested in just a month

Gazelle poaching: Several arrested in just a month

In the initial case, two persons had been arrested for hunting two Arabian gazelles from the Sireen Nature Reserve on July 30.

The accused had been arrested by wildlife inspectors of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs in cooperation with the ROP and the Office for Conservation of Environment at the Diwan of Royal Court.

The accused at the time of the arrest threatened the officers in an try to flee the crime scene. The two have been pressed with numerous charges such as poaching, threatening police officers with firearms, reckless driving and stopping police officers from performing their duty.

In yet another case, wildlife inspectors arrested some citizens for hunting mountain gazelles final month. The Office for Conservation of the Environment at the Diwan of Royal Court urges everybody to be accountable towards atmosphere and safeguard animals.

The workplace also appreciated the neighborhood neighborhood in the Sireen Nature Reserve and the Natural Tree Reserve for their continuous cooperation and crucial part in assisting and supplying details.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Dr Ahmed al Jahwari, a lawyer, stated, “The accused have been charged with violation of Law on Nature Reserves and Wildlife Conservation and Omani Penal Code. These offences are criminal and so offenders must be punished.”

According to Article 15 (b) of the Law on Nature Reserves and Wildlife Conservation, any person who deliberately kills, hunts or smuggles any animal or bird will be imprisoned for a term not much less than six months and not much more than 5 years. The law also stipulates a fine not much less than RO1,000 and not much more than RO5,000 (either of the two).

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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