Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
From bags to folders: North Batinah school shows the way

From bags to folders: North Batinah school shows the way

The Al Ofooq Basic Education School in North Batinah has come up with a special initiative wherein students are needed to preserve bags in school cupboards and carry only a folder rather.

The initiative known as the Education Folder presently targets more than 300 students in classes 1 and two. Speaking to Muscat Daily, Rahma bint Nasir al Saadi, principal of the school stated the initiative was began throughout the summer season months.

“The school has assigned each student a cupboard to put his or her school bag every Sunday and he or she has to just carry an educational folder instead. Students just have to take some books for homework.”

Aisha Salim al Buraiki, assistant school principal, stated, “Many parents used to complain about the school bags being heavy and that it caused back, neck and shoulder pain in many children. We have also implemented an e-learning system within the school and communicate with the parents regularly. We send the curriculum electronically to parents so that they can track their child’s progress.”

She added, “On Thursday, the students take their school bags home so that the parents are updated on all things done at school. We are hoping that soon our children will carry iPads.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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