Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Forum discusses potential of big data, smart city

Forum discusses possible of large information, intelligent city

The conference aims to bring collectively researchers, developers and practitioners interested in the advancements and applications to realise intelligent communities of the future. Dr Kiran G R, dean, conference common chair, ICBDSC, 2019 mentioned, “The discussions and deliberations will surely contribute to innovative solutions to enhance urban planning and the quality of life. In this data-centric digital era, the rapid generation of vast amounts of data has been fuelled by the proliferation of smart device, social media and other digital footprints we leave behind in the course of everyday lives.”

Dr Kiran added, “Recognising the potential of big data and smart city and in alignment with national research priorities, Middle East College has been organising national and international conferences on this scheme.”

Topics deliberated in the conference on Tuesday integrated, Oman a Smart Nation, A Computational Intelligence Approach to Short Term Urban Traffic Flow Forecasting, Oman Smart City Platform, Conventry University’s Institute for Future Transport and Cities – Using Big Data to Solve the Urban Mobility Challenges of the Future amongst other individuals.

Professor Latif Ladid, founder and president, IPv6 Forum, a speaker in ICBDSC 2019 who deliberated on the subject Oman a Smart Nation mentioned, “Oman is designed and destined to be a smart nation, caring and investing in its people, fostering their skills, attracting and welcoming talented experts, professors, students and investments from around the world. At the same time it is true to its identity and history. It’s a great quest and a success story in the making.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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