Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Forum discusses labour issues in oil and gas sector

Forum discusses labour concerns in oil and gas sector

The forum is becoming organised by SASLO Legal Training Centre (SLTC) in association with Omani Society of Petroleum Services (OPAL) at Crowne Plaza Muscat. The forum will conclude on Wednesday.

The forum has brought with each other stakeholders of the oil and gas sector – employees, employers and workers’ representatives who shared their experiences, views and challenges with the objective of making a healthful dialogue.

Said al Shahry, chairman and founder of SASLO, mentioned, “We are convinced that individual approaches alone cannot provide an effective solution to all problems. The real solution is a collaborative and institutional one in which all parties, including trade unions, OPAL, ‪Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry‬ and the Ministry of Manpower (MoM), are truly presented.”

Nabhan al Batashi, chairman of General Federation of Oman Trade Unions, mentioned there is a require for rehabilitation and improvement programmes for representatives of labour unions and human resource representatives with the assistance of private sector institutions. “There is a need for activating the role of social dialogue and collective bargaining, support to labour union by empowering its members, insurance against joblessness, special regulations to regulate the functioning of oil and gas sector and issuing of agreed labour law that is signed by parties of production.”

Said al Mahrouqi, president of Oil and Gas Trade Union, highlighted the significance of qualifying and instruction national cadres. “Many professions continue to be occupied by expatriates, despite the presence of Omani youth in this vital sector. Trade unions hope for Omanisation of all positions with the possibility of granting exceptional time-limited permits for certain professions that do not have national cadres,” he mentioned.

Saud al Salmi, chairman of PDO Workers Union, advised that there is a require for continuity and sustainability in updating the legislation and regulations. “There is also a need for urban, social, economic and government development in the concession areas in the deserts to make them attractive for housing and tourism so as to reduce logistics costs, transport workers and goods and improve nature of living in those places.”

To resolve concerns pertaining to the labour force, Ministry of Manpower has created a method of complaints. “MoM developed a system of labour complaints for workers to submit labour complaints electronically,” mentioned Yaqoob al Kharbooshi, from directorate of labour care at MoM.
Important suggestions shared at the forum will be compiled and shared with the suitable authorities.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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