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Follow MoT guidelines and enjoy khareef season to its fullest

Follow MoT guidelines and enjoy khareef season to its fullest

It has urged guests to book hotel accommodation in advance to steer clear of disappointments. While the ministry is pleased to market the governorate as a tourist location it is also operating to shield the all-natural elements of the location, mentioned Amina bint Mohammed al Baloushiya, director of tourism awareness in MoT. Some of the other elements covered in the campaign consist of checking the security of automobile particularly tyres prior to heading for lengthy distance journeys and adhering to visitors laws.

Book in advance
Amina emphasised on the value of booking hotels in advance. “Before deciding to start from their places of residence either from within the sultanate or abroad, the tourists must ensure that they have booked their accommodation in any of the 34 hotel establishments of the Dhofar governorate. They can book either by directly contacting these hotel facilities through the number which are available on the tourism information centres of the ministry or its website www.omantourism.gov.om, ministry’s promotional website www.experienceoman.om. “Tourists can also call on the directory number 1010 to get updates on their bookings.”

Check for tyre security
The campaign also urges individuals to make certain that the tyres of their automobiles are secure. Before embarking on the journey to any of the tourist destinations, the vacationers need to examine their automobiles to stop any accidents triggered by tyre bursts. A 4WD drive is a need to when taking to the mountains as the roads could be wet due to rain.

Protect green carpet
Protection of the governorate’s greenery is as crucial as any other guidance. MoT urges vacationers and guests not to drive their automobiles on green places. Those discovered violating these guidelines will have to face legal action.

Cleanliness a priority
MoT has engaged individuals from a cross-section of the society to spread its message and guidelines for guests.

Be cautious
Signboards have also been installed warning individuals against going close to ponds and wadis. MoT has also urged each guests and residents to adhere to the visitors laws and steer clear of reckless behaviour to sustain the peaceful atmosphere of the location.

MoT advises guests to dress modestly

The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has emphasised on the value of khareef guests dressing modestly and respecting the social customs of the Omani society. It has also printed 50,000 leaflets to spread the message amongst guests on guaranteeing that their behaviour does not hurt the sentiments of the locals living in the location.

The ministry has mentioned that the guideline is crucial to preserving the Islamic customs, traditions and practices. ‘Tourists should not make the citizens feel uncomfortable with their dresses. They should also not take their photos without permission. The tourists must take care of cleanliness of the sites they visit,’ MoT stated in its release.

Amina al Baloushiya, director of tourism awareness in MoT mentioned, “The ministry has printed 50,000 leaflets to create awareness about modest dressing and the need to respect local customs and traditions. We have also distributed these in the tourist information centres at the borders. We are also coordinating with transport companies to show these messages on the screens of the buses.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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