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Flower business blossoms as Valentine’s Day nears

Flower company blossoms as Valentine’s Day nears

Major floral shops in Muscat have currently begun delivering flowers in view of Valentine’s Day which falls on February 14.

“The demand for flowers during this time of the year is huge,” Triya Cardoza, accountant at The Flower Shop, Sabco Centre, told Muscat Daily.

“In fact, it is business time for us as many have already placed their orders. Some place their orders seven days in advance. The price of flowers varies according to their type and size.”

Many well-known Valentine’s Day flowers travel thousands of miles to attain the customer.

“Our flowers come from Holland. While the price of a single flower starts from 600bz, our bouquets cost start from RO20 and can go up to RO600,” Triya added.

Although flowers come from African and European nations, they attain Oman in fresh.

“There is no doubt that February is the best month for our business. Most of our flowers come from Kenya but we get them fresh,” Fatmah S, shop manager at The Enchanted Garden, Ghubra, stated.

“February is the busiest month for us. Orders started a few days ago. We have online orders as well as deliveries incase our customers have no time to pick their orders.”

Leonie Amrehn, shop manager at Maison des Fleurs Oman, stated really like lingers in the air and it is a blessing to company as nicely.

“I would say February is the business month for us because of Valentine’s Day. The day symbolises love and people want to share their love and flowers are the best way to do so. So, we welcome all to our store which is located opposite CCC [Al Qurum Complex],” she stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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