Friday, 31 Mar 2023
First Islamic community app theShukran launched in Oman

First Islamic community app theShukran launched in Oman

Sanaa Fariat, a Moroccan living in Italy, who co-founded the application, stated, “We have understood that the Muslim world needs to express itself through a unitary identity capable of enhancing and respecting the thousand faces that are within it. It was unthinkable that in the era of social networks, Muslims did not have their own social network. For this reason, we have joined forces with different countries and now we are here to tell the world that there is an alternative to Facebook and Instagram, called theShukran.”

Sanaa added that the app has identified fantastic assistance from students, artists, intellectuals, ordinary individuals and non-Muslims.


“The non-Muslim world has already fallen in love with theShukran. Visiting this social network gives a sense of peace, joy and it is the best tool to make Muslims successful and defeat religious hatred. theShukran is a social network that offers the world an alternative language, an ethical system that is young, bold and ambitious,” she stated.

The application is also aimed as a tool to fight Islamophobia, racism and hatred towards Muslims. The app provides functions like blogs, vlogs and matrimonials and so forth, she stated.

“Creating a social network is a actually complex point as it requires years of organizing. Now that we have succeeded in producing a ideal software program architecture and a idea of which we are proud, we can say that our fantastic challenge is to show the globe that Muslims can have their personal social network, a fantastic encyclopaedia from which Muslims and non-Muslims can get understanding and inspiration.

“Here everyone can show who he is, what he does and what he dreams of. And above all, they can meet Muslims from other countries and find out with whom to connect and with whom to share their talent,” Sanaa stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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