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Fatigue, speeding cause of accidents during Ramadan

Fatigue, speeding cause of accidents during Ramadan

According to ROP, most accidents during Ramadan occur due to fatigue and speeding. “Following traffic rules is the key to remaining safe during Ramadan. Rushing for iftar is never advisable and it is better to be late than sorry. Drivers need to avoid speeding during peak hours,” an ROP official stated.

Ali al Barwani, member of ORSA stated, “In Ramadan, accidents happen because of fatigue. A high percentage of fatalities occurs because sleeping habits change as people tend to sleep late and wake up early. We ask people to avoid driving, if they are feeling sleepy.”

He added, “We all must work together to promote a ‘Safe Ramadan’ to all road users and to remind people to stay safe while driving. The ROP and many other organisations, including NGOs like ORSA, are requested to double their efforts and make the voice to enhance road safety louder, every day during the month of Ramadan.”

Barwani hopes, with awareness escalating year following year, this Ramadan will pass without having road accident fatalities.

“There has been a great record and trend in the past years, to have less accidents during Ramadan. This Ramadan, we are hopeful to have even lesser number of accidents because of new roads in place as well as much better awareness among motorists.”

He stated that awareness amongst road customers particularly the drivers, is the most essential element that contributes in lowering road accidents.

“From data, we know that when a new road of high vehicle capacity is replacing an existing limited capacity road, then the accident rates reduce drastically,” he stated.

Opening of new roads is a large enhance for road security.

Barwani stated he was optimistic since opening of new roads in different wilayats of Oman will have a good effect.
“New roads are a contributing factor to less number of accidents,” he stated. Barwani also hailed the new site visitors laws which came into impact final year. “The new laws were introduced focusing on safe driving. It is important to impose penalties against drivers who do not obey the traffic laws. This is in addition to creating more awareness campaigns to promote a safe driving culture in the country,” he stated.

During Ramadan, several have a tendency to rush house for iftars and this is hazardous.

“I sometimes speed for iftar if the remaining distance is less. Otherwise, I always prefer to stop and break the fast and then continue my journey. Even though I never bother to check the speed limit, I always consider safety first. In Ramadan, I always make sure that I am at home much before time but sometimes it takes too long due to traffic congestion,” stated Mubarak al Dhawi, who drives every day from Ma’abela to Amerat.

Barwani explained that motorists need to realise that even if they are late for any Ramadan occasion, individuals waiting for them will comprehend.

“The priority is to arrive safe. Time management is important. Motorists are urged to leave early to reach their destinations on time,” he stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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