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Fasting beneficial to body, mind and soul: Non-Muslims

Fasting beneficial to body, mind and soul: Non-Muslims

Muscat Daily spoke to some non-Muslim residents in Oman who stated fasting tends to make them reflect and bear in mind the underprivileged and cleans their souls and physique. “I fast every other day of Ramadan when my health permits. But as I am only a year out of cancer treatment, I also have to listen to my body. I feel good for most part of the day when I am fasting,” stated Dr Emily Shotter, a Muscat resident.

Manpreet Singh, chairman, Indian Social Club Salalah and honorary consular agent, Embassy of India stated in addition to engaging with Muslim brothers it is also an chance to introspect. “I fast three times a year for a week, one of which is during Ramadan. I fast for 16 hours. It is my secret to staying young and energetic. Fasting is also believed to soothe the soul and purify the body when undertaken at regular intervals.”

Seventy year old resident, Dr Venkat Swami stated he has been fasting for the final 30 years and advises everybody to do so if well being permits. “I used to fast the whole of Ramadan, till recently when my doctors advised not to because of my age and health. Actually fasting makes one active and when I used to fast, I felt very good and energetic. I would advise if anyone can fast, then go for it. Fasting rebuilds your energy and also brings you closer to God,” he stated.

Abstaining from meals for a specific period is advised by numerous religions and has numerous well being-connected advantages.

Govind Arjan, corporate communications, Public Authority for Civil Aviation, stated, “Fasting plays a central role in many cultures and religions. It is recommended to promote detoxification, repair and rejuvenation. The body gets an opportunity to repair itself during fasting. Fasting is also believed to aid hormone secretion, which is vital for growth, metabolism and muscle strength.”

Non-Muslims are often welcomed by Muslims to quickly and also share iftar. “It is interesting to see non-Muslims fast and attend iftars with us. This is a good thing and we welcome them to be part of us and learn more about Ramadan and its culture,” Salim Mohammed al Ghamari, a member of Municipal Council from Muttrah, stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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