Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Fak Kurbah: 24 prisoners released

Fak Kurbah: 24 prisoners released

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Dr Mohammed Ibrahim al Zadjali, president of OLA told, “It is good that they will spend Ramadan with their families. This initiative comes in response to our campaign Fak Kurbah 2019 which was launched at Muscat Grand Mall. We are expecting to settle as many as 750 cases this year. We aim to ensure their release before Eid al Fitr. The programme helps raise funds to pay off debts in insolvency cases in which people have been jailed.”

Following the good results of final year’s campaign when 510 circumstances had been settled, this year OLA is aiming to settle 750 circumstances. “We are approaching institutions and individuals to support the cause. This year’s campaign is being run for a month now covering Muscat, Sohar and Nizwa. In 2018, the initiative helped a total of 510 insolvents from 36 courts around the sultanate.”

For the sixth year, Fak Kurbah initiative aims to set the instance of compassion and solidarity in the neighborhood. In the very first edition in 2012, ten lawyers volunteered to perform and contributed in assisting release 44 prisoners.

The second edition in 2014 covered a majority of the sultanate’s courts. It saw an exhibition to raise neighborhood awareness on legal matters. Sixty volunteer lawyers worked on the circumstances and helped in the release of 304 prisoners.

The third edition in 2015 saw the release of 432 prisoners although 100 volunteer lawyers helped in the release of 425 in the fourth edition in 2017. Talking about monetary contributions, Dr Zadjali mentioned, “We call upon everyone to support us. Donations can be made at Bank Muscat a/c no 0317024849660014.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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