Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Failure to maintain sewage system can invite RO200 fine

Failure to sustain sewage program can invite RO200 fine

“Sewage leakage in residential buildings may overflow on to the roads, public areas and neighbouring residential areas. Those responsible for it will incur a fine of RO200. Offenders will be given a day to correct the violation. The fine doubles on repetition,” it added. Muscat Municipality is also operating a media campaign in various languages to highlight the concern. Haya Water is operating yellow tankers for this perform. “It is the responsibility of house owners to clear sewage leakage. House owners are welcome to use the services of Haya Water,” stated Eng Mahmoud Abu Saud, basic manager, operations and upkeep, Haya Water.

The prices for clearing leaks from septic tanks ranges among RO30 and RO100 based on the place. Haya Water also gives vacuum tanker service. The service is supplied in the interest of public wellness and with the aim of conserving the water table and avoiding overflow.

Haya water has 20 vacuum tankers, 17 tankers of four,500 gallon capacity and 3 tankers of eight,000 gallons. The service is supplied for residential, government and industrial properties. Eng Abu Saud also stressed on the want to cover old septic tanks. “It is the responsibility of house owners to keep old septic tanks covered.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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