Saturday, 21 May 2022
Expat group raises RO1,500 for ailing Bangladeshi worker

Expat group raises RO1,500 for ailing Bangladeshi worker

Farm worker Mohammad Liton, 32, contracted a health-related situation that impacted his reduced extremities about two and a half months ago. He was treated in private hospitals in Muscat but his case deteriorated major to paralysis in the reduced extremities. He has been bedridden given that for the previous 1 a half months.

Doctors in hospitals primarily based in Muscat have advised him to return to Bangladesh for additional remedy.

A Gulf-primarily based airline quoted the figure of RO1,500 to make particular arrangements for Liton’s flight to Dhaka. But following particulars of his scenario went viral on numerous social media channels, the group of expats banded collectively to raise the funds for a return ticket to Bangladesh.

Sudip Banerjee, head of Muscat Sales, Towell Auto Centre, stated, “The patient is the brother of a member of our assistance employees. We got to know that he is suffering from an ailment that has paralysed the reduced component of his physique. His paralysis has now spread to the upper physique just beneath his neck. So he can not use his hands or legs.

“After hearing about Liton, we figured out that he would get the best treatment in his home country. He needs someone 24×7 to take care of him. Moreover, it would be expensive to continue staying here and get treatment. So his relative contacted many airlines for his return journey.”

One airline from Bangladesh informed the group attempting to assist Liton that it was not equipped to manage such sufferers, whilst other individuals quoted ticket fares which would have been tough for him to arrange. “The cost of sending Liton home was working out to be around RO1,500.”

Banerjee stated that he discussed the matter with his colleagues and other individuals operating in other organizations and all came forward to raise the cash for Liton’s return ticket. “He has got the go-ahead from a team of doctors to fly. All the documents are in place. He is now waiting to fly back,” Banerjee stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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