Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Eshraqa provides support to differently abled

Eshraqa provides support to differently abled

Nailesh Khimji, Director Khimji Ramdas stressed on the significance of offering help to each sector of the neighborhood to accomplish self-sustenance, an enterprise that has not too long ago gained momentum inside corporate institutions in the sultanate. He stated,

“The essence of Eshraqa is built around giving back to the community and helping them achieve their goals and aspirations. A person’s mobility is synonymous to their independence and success, and adds confidence to their lives. Hearing about each member’s remarkable journey, we remain inspired to continue supporting initiatives focused on empowering all members of our communities.”

Admiring the work of Eshraqa, Amna al Balushi, Member of Municipal Council, wilayat of Seeb stated, “We thank Eshraqa for this great initiative. The sports wheelchairs are of the highest quality available which will enable the disabled members in excelling at sporting events and various daily activities with ease.”

Said bin Sulieman al Qury, General Manager of Social Development, Dhahirah governorate added, “We appreciate the noble initiative of Eshraqa in providing wheelchairs for the disabled in Ibri as well as sports persons in muscat which will aid their mobility challenges.”

Highlighting the significance of this momentous support, Abdulaziz bin Hamdan Alblushi, Member of Municipal Council, wilayat of Ibri stated, “We extend our thanks to Eshraqa for its support to the Association in Ibri. “It is commendable how Eshraqa extends aid in various fields such as education, healthcare and community well-being activities that not only benefits individuals but also in essence, the nation as a whole.”

Additionally, Salim Alghafri, Manager of the Association for Disabled, Ibri Branch stated “We thank Eshraqa for this valuable donation and hope it sets an example for other private institutions to step forward with assistance towards the community.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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