Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Embassy urges Omanis to wear masks in Bangkok

Embassy urges Omanis to put on masks in Bangkok

Muscat – 

The Embassy of Oman in Thailand has asked its citizens travelling to the capital city Bangkok, to put on protective masks. In a tweet, the embassy stated that it is a precautionary measure to shield against air pollution and higher particles of fine dust in Bangkok and its surroundings. 

The Omani embassy added that authorities in Thailand have even though announced that the atmosphere has progressively enhanced in most places, but it is advisable to take precautions for the elderly, youngsters and individuals with respiratory illnesses.

However, most folks travelling from Oman are oblivious to the improvement and travel agents have not identified any modify in the booking pattern of vacationers to Thailand.

An official from Travel Point stated, “We have no such news and there are regular travellers from Oman going to Bangkok. Such a precautionary measure has been there around already and is indeed there in many other countries as well. This is a normal practice for the countries to safeguard their own citizens.”

Another official from Marmul Travels also stated there has been no modify in tourist numbers. “There are no such reports or instructions that have come to us from Thailand or local officials and tourist numbers are the same.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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