Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Ejaad discusses ways to raise Oman’s GII ranking

Ejaad discusses techniques to raise Oman’s GII ranking

Muscat – 

The Research Council (TRC), represented by Ejaad platform, a membership-primarily based virtual collaborative platform exactly where business, academia and government can interact and engage in power-associated study and innovation activities, organised Ejaad’s Ambassadors Meeting at the Institute of Oil and Gas at the Innovation Park Muscat.

The meeting aimed to strengthen the synergy among the business, academia and government entities via the focal point engagements and open dialogue discussions.

“This meeting aims to review the progress made thus far by all stakeholders, in reference to Oman Energy Protocol recommendations, and introduce Ejaad new services and growth plans. This meeting aimed to make the stakeholders aware of how Ejaad is playing a role to increase Oman’s ranking with respect to the Global Innovation Index (GII),” stated Dr Abdullah al Abri, Ejaad director.

The meeting discussed Ejaad’s new solutions and how Ejaad can leverage Oman’s ranking on the GII. Dr Hilal Ali al Hinai, secretary common of TRC, stated, “Oman Industry-Academia R&ampD Protocol has been ratified by some 40 stakeholders and Ejaad was subsequently formed as a car to stroll the ‘protocol’ speak. Considering the size, scale, and complexity of the power sector in Oman, this was a fantastic achievement.

“In its first year of operation, Ejaad has received more than 20 industrial challenges that span across oil and gas, water, renewables, energy management and environment. The local masterminds in academia have posted over 50 expressions of interest to these challenges. Five joint industry-academia projects were signed and more are under way.”

According to Dr Sulaiman al Toobi, senior advisor of Ejaad, Ejaad team has visited a quantity of globe examples to see how some of the greatest R&ampD ecosystems began.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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