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Eat light, stay hydrated to keep heat at bay

Eat light, stay hydrated to keep heat at bay

During this time, simple hygiene is the crucial to stay healthful, match and stay away from any sickness. Taking shower twice a day will keep you fresh and cool each physically and mentally.

Avoiding public pools is a great alternative as they are breeding grounds for germs which could lead to well being issues. Applying a great proportion of sunscreen will keep away skin burns or any kind of skin tanning covering your face with a cloth when exposed to heat also will assist you stay away from the hot air throughout summer time.

Keeping your properties cooler and protective by utilizing thin blackout curtains or white window shades rather than heavy fabric will also assist you withstand the heat.

Dr Abu Sayed Mohammed Emanul, a cardiologist at The Royal Hospital mentioned, “Drinking at least two-three litres water per day will assist you keep hydrated consuming fresh fruit juices in huge quantities will assist you stay away from any well being problems.

“Outdoor activities should be restricted as far as possible.”

He added, “A moderate and balanced intake of meals spread more than the day with fruit and vegetables will assist you decrease weight, handle hypertension and diabetes. It also assists in detoxing your physique. Cutting down on spicy gravy meals will keep handle on your cholesterol levels and boost your wellbeing.”

Dr Sudhakar P from Apollo Hospital Muscat mentioned, “Working outside in the heat during the peak hours of the day should be avoided. Drinking room temperature water rather than cold water will help you fight cold and flu. Wearing loose clothes preferably cotton ones will absorb sweat and keep you cool.”

He also mentioned, “Including fruits and vegetables rich in water and minerals like melon, cucumber will help you keep hydrated.”

Children and infants frequently adore this time of the year as the schools have closed down and now they invest a lot more time outside which exposes them to heat and warm air. As a outcome they catch flu and this increases tension amongst parents.

“Children should take protein rich food like cereals, milkshakes, buttermilk, bean and legumes (such as lentils and chickpeas), consume fluid which is not rich in carbohydrate like sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables and fruits like spinach, lettuce, apples, peaches, etc which helps them stay fit and healthy,” mentioned Dr Hiren Rao, paediatrician at Apollo Hospital Muscat.

He added, “Eating oily food rich in carbohydrates makes one lazy, gloomy and thirsty. Fast foods which are fried and rich in fat should be avoided as they produce heat and cause abdominal bloating. Kids often complain of abdominal pain; this happens due to overeating which could lead to obesity.”

Avoid cold drinks and tetra packed juices as they could be dangerous for your physique. Such drinks must be strictly avoided.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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