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E-Census 2020 to use electricity bills as base to gather information

E-Census 2020 to use electricity bills as base to gather information

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Dr Khalifa bin Abdullah bin Hamad al Barwani, chief executive officer of the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), mentioned a great quantity of the information necessary currently exists in databases but requirements to be updated. “In addition to the database that already exists, there is other information that needs to be collected. This census aims to use electricity bills as base of information and as proof of residency and address. It is important that everyone updates their bills to be under their names,” he mentioned.

Dr Barwani mentioned that this e-census is various from other censuses carried out prior to. “This is different because it will depend on data gathered electronically from different organisations. The census will begin next year and should end by December. If this census is completed successfully, Oman will be a leader in the field of census and henceforth the information will constantly be updated,” he mentioned.

For all information to be collected appropriately, the e-census launched a campaign titled ‘Your Information, Your Identity’ which will final for 3 months and aims to make individuals conscious about any information they might have missed updating such as birth and death certificates, rental contracts and creating certain their electricity bills are in tenants’ names.

“It is important for everyone to update their information of which some can be done electronically, while others will involve citizens and residents getting in contact with government bodies and using your ID card to give them your information.”

He mentioned that individuals will advantage from this census simply because it will make future procedures less difficult to full.
“This will make finishing government services easily because not much paperwork and information will be required because all the information will be available in data,” Dr Barwani mentioned.

He added that the new census will be price-successful down the line. “Our last census cost some RO20mn but this new system eliminates that cost, and the government will be able to update the information daily. In the long-run, there are no costs for the census,” he mentioned. Omar Hamdan Hamood al Ismaili, director common, E-Census 2020 project at NCSI, mentioned, “Census 2020 started in 2015 and now we have reached a stage where we are encouraging people to update their data with different government agencies. We also encourage both Omanis and expatriates to update their addresses with ROP and linking their addresses with tenant agreements and electricity bills. We also encourage people to update their family data, education level and all related information.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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